Our Pharmacy is responsible for the distribution of medications to patients.

We provide services to our hospital wards and departments, as well as to a variety of external health providers and institutions.

We provide distribution services for inpatients and patients being discharged, as well as for outpatients visiting our clinics.

We also produce sterile products, chemotherapeutic products and extemporaneous preparations (that is, a drug or combination of drugs which we prepare or compound according to a prescription).

We also provide a number of specialist pharmacy services to various departments including Haematology, Medical Oncology, Palliative Care, Infectious Diseases, acute pain and critical care.

We develop and participate in drug usage and evaluation programs, which provide valuable information to ensure cost-effective and safe medication management practises.

Retail Pharmacy

Royal Perth Hospital does not have an onsite retail pharmacy. However located in close proximity there are several pharmacies where you can have prescriptions filled:



Contact details
Chemist Warehouse Perth 1/109 Murray Street, Perth (08) 9325 7948
Cravens Pharmacy 2/553 Hay Street, Perth (08) 9325 4375
Fitch's Pharmacy 731 Hay Street, Perth (08) 9321 6411
Friendlies Chemist Perth   849 Hay Street, Perth (08) 9321 5391
Priceline Pharmacy Hay Street 810 Hay Street, Perth (08) 9321 0699
Terry White Chemist Forrest Chase Pharmacy Shop 54/425 Wellington St
Upper Level Forrest Chase Complex,
Perth WA 6000 
(08) 9221 1691

Contact us

Outpatient pharmacy

196 Goderich Street, Perth

Postal Address:

Outpatient Pharmacy
Royal Perth Hospital 
GPO Box X2213
Perth WA 6847

Phone: (08) 6477 5083

Operating hours

8:30am to 5:00pm
(Monday to Friday)