A commitment to mutual respect

We are here to help you!

Our staff are here to help you, and are committed to providing high-quality health care free from verbal, physical and psychological aggression.

All patients have a right to access health care in a safe, supportive environment that is free from violence and abuse.

Our staff are skilled in handling difficult situations, and are trained to communicate effectively in challenging circumstances.

In the instance of aggression or violence, the RPH security team will be notified of the situation, and in some cases the police will be called.

We strive to make our hospital a safe place for everybody, and we are committed to providing the highest standards of care in a safe and secure environment.

Notify a member of staff immediately if you feel unsafe, threatened or witness aggressive behaviour during your stay.

Download a copy of our We are here to help brochure (PDF 643KB) today! For more information, speak to a member of your healthcare team.

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