Accreditation - providing quality care

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards are a set of 10 overarching standards established by the Australian Government with the aim of improving the quality of health service provision. The standards provide a nationally consistent statement for the level of care consumers can expect from health care providers. Since 2013 it has been mandatory for all Australian hospitals and day procedure services to undertake accreditation against the NSQHS Standards.

Accreditation involves a visit to the hospital from an independent team of expert health professionals who review the quality and safety of the services we provide. The review team measure hospital achievements against industry standards and against the NSQHS Standards.

In June 2015, Royal Perth Hospital was successful in the review and is now accredited until July 2019. Throughout the process we showcased our ability to provide excellent health care services to our patients and we were particularly commended on our commitment to working with consumers.

Take a look at the staff representatives below who help us provide safe and quality care to our patients.

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